About Us

Shizen wines are Japan’s first world-class wine, made by renowned winemaker and University of Bordeaux professor Denis Dubourdieu. Our wines are made sustainably from 100% Koshu grapes. While our collection of Shizen wines was developed with Japanese fare in mind, they can be enjoyed with a vast array of Asian and Western arrangements too.

Our Wine

Shizen wines are light and refreshing, with citrus notes and are made to complement the subtlety of Japanese dishes. Our wines became Japan’s first-ever to be approved by and exported in quantity to the European Union according to  International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), and the first from Asia to be internationally recognized and reviewed by global wine authorities including Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate.

Crafted as the perfect complement to Japanese cuisine, the latest vintage of Shizen Wines, Domaine Shizen Cuvée Denis Dubourdieu is served by the glass in Michelin three-star restaurants, and is now available online for purchase. Kampai!

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